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SLM Group

Surinam Airways can proudly call itself the National Carrier, the national airline company of Surinam. Nearly every Surinameese is familiar with the slogan Flying on Trusted Wings. Not everyone knows though that the Suriname Airline Company consists of more than the flight services.
An airline is a company that offers transportation through the air.
As a rule this is understood to be the carriage of passengers and/or freight.
Suriname Airways is no exception to this and operates mainly on key destinations in the Caribbean region and the so-called Mid-Atlantic route.
It is the core of the SLM group, that further consists of the following subsidiaries :

  • Surair Catering Services
  • Surair Ground Services
  • Surair Aircargo services
  • METS N.V.
  • Residence Inn Hotels

The SLM is the organization that determines the group strategy and creates the preconditions for the growth of her subsidiaries.
As parent company it provides a number of central services to the group including housing. The SLM subsidiaries are independent Surinamese businesses, ensuring flexibility, short communication channels, a fast response to market developments and last but not least, personal service.
The subsidiaries operate under different names. They have their own identity and specialty and are active in various market segments. They are the air beneath the trusted wings in a dynamic environment.
For any carrier service provider care for the (flying) safety is of the utmost importance, at the airport as well as in the aircraft. The SLM is no exception in this. This is the reason why huge sums are invested in safety and security that are a leitmotiv in Company Policy. These and other factors make the SLM an IOSA certified airline company which means more or less that she can stand any operational or safety test in the industry.
Obviously this applies to the subsidiaries as well which are a real part of the daily flight operations.