Frequently Asked Questions

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Can i look at flight schedules and fare without booking right away?

Yes. it is possible

Can I book a flight for more than one person?

Yes, you can with a maximum of six. You will need to make a new reservation if there are more persons.

I find the conditions for booking unclear. Where can I obtain additional information?

For questions about condition you can contact us. Call 0900-CALLSLM / 0900-2 255756 (€ 0.05 p/min.) IN The Netherlands (email to or (597)   433363/432700 ext. 212, in Suriname (email to

Can I indicate special needs during an on-line booking?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Call 0900-CALLSLM / 0900-2 255756 (€ 0.05 p/min.) In The Netherlands (email to or (597) 433363/432700 ext. 212, in Suriname (email to


How do I know my booking has actually been confirmed?

You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. The booking confirmation is not a ticket.

Is it possible to have a ticket modified that was booked via the website?

This is possible if the fare allows changes. To modify the ticket you can contact us. Call 0900-CALLSLM / 900-2 255756 (€ 0.05 p/min.) In The Netherlands (email to or (597) 433363/432700 ext. 212, in Suriname (email to


What are the charges for booking a ticket on-line?


To book and pay on-line for a ticket is subject to a booking fee.

Effective October 29, 2014 the booking fee is EUR 7.50 per booking for travel commencing from Amsterdam / Cayenne and effectiver November 05, 2014 for travel commencing from other points e.g. Paramaribo / Aruba / Curacao / Miami etc. the booking fee is USD 5.00 per booking.

How do I fill out the names of the passengers?

The full name as mentioned in your passport must be filled out on the reservation form. Spaces and punctuation marks (comma’s, dashes etc.) are not allowed. Letters carrying a double dot (e.g. ë) or an accent (e.g. é) are neither. Personal titles (Dr. Ing., etc.) should be omitted. Furthermore you have to write your first and last name out in full.

The information button on the reservation form gives you additional information on how to fill out this information. Airline companies can refuse passengers with erroneous names on the ticket. This is the case for travel to the United States. A name correction can entail high charges as well

How do I receive my travel documents?

Depending on the time of booking and departure date and as soon as we have received payment you will receive your travel documents within 1 to 3 working days. You will receive your travel documents by email at the email address provide.

Can I book a flight on the day of departure?

You have to book your flight at least 3 days before departure. This precautionary measure is necessary as part of the fight against payment fraud with credit cards.

How do I get proof of payment when booking online?

You will receive by email an electronic Confirmation Voucher, being your ticket, which also serves as proof of payment – at the email address provided.

Travelling with a child younger than 2 years?

A child younger than 2 years of age on the outward – and on the return journey must be accompanied by an adult and may travel sitting on the lap of the adult. A child who turns 2 years or older before or during the return journey must have an own seat reservation on the outward and return journey at the childfare wherever applicable