Frequently Asked Questions

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How long in advance do I have to check in?

As a result of the attack on September 11, 2001 extra security measures are in effect at airports. In connection herewith passengers are requested to be present at the airport 3 hours before departure. On monitors in the departure hall after the destination airport and the flight number the counter is indicated where you should report. Check in counters are in the departure halls. If you intend to check in late there is a chance that the counters are already closed and you might miss your flight. Ensuing costs are your responsibility.

I have checked in online but unfortunately cannot download and print my boarding pass. How can i get my it otherwise?


If you have problems downloading and / or printing your online boarding pass, please email for assistance  to the online check-in support desk

Where at the Miami International Airport do i find the check-in counter for your flight?

The Surinam Airways check-in counter at the Miami International Airport is located in Terminal E, not to far from the Information Center.